"Afshin's story is a testimony to Jesus deep love for us. If you don't believe God is for you, for today, you must read his story. What Afshin learned in his earliest days after meeting Jesus has shaped his life because of his child-like faith and simple obedience. As I read his story I found myself nodding and smiling as a recognized the lessons that Jesus is teaching today through the life of this former muslim whose conversion continues to tell His story. I am one of those lives who has been changed for eternity.
Debbie-Lynn Jeske


"Having just finished reading 'As Easy as Drinking Water', I am pleased to give my endorsement of this very readable book. With some books, I have to force myself to keep reading them to the finish. With Afshin's book, I did not want to put it down until I was finished.  As someone who has fellowshipped and prayed with Afshin for many years in the North Shore Pastors' Prayer Fellowship, I know Afshin's heart.  This book is a transparent account of exactly what Afshin has experienced.  As Afshin humbly recounts various miracles and healings, his deep love for Muslim people shines through.  There is no judgementalism or negativity in this book.  May God use this book throughout the nations to show Muslims and others that Jesus loves them deeply."
Reverend Ed Hird, St. Simon's Church North Vancouver


“This book reads like a modern day Book of Acts….an amazing account of God’s grace displayed in a
man’s life.”
Rev. Owen Scott, Apostolic Church of Pentecost


“Remarkable! I would undoubtedly be sceptical were it not for the fact that I have observed Afshin in
ministry. I can testify that he is among the most passionate, generous, God-fearing men I know. It is
indeed a testament to the glory, power, and love of our Saviour.”
Pastor Don Springer, Canadian National Baptist Convention


“The words of Afshin’s testimony have ignited within me a deeper passion to know and serve this
awesome God!”
Pastor Nick Osborne, Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

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