Cyrus Call Vision

Cyrus Call ministers to people from all nations, by providing a ministry house
where people can receive teaching from God’s Word, experience healing, a place
to worship, pray, have fellowship, and grow in the ministry and gifts of the Holy
Spirit. Our deepest passion is to reach Muslims, Persians, Germans, and the
Jewish people to know Jesus (Messiah) personally. We desire to see God’s
Kingdom come to earth and to be instrumental in creating an apostolic family
who desire to be intimate with the Father, our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy
Spirit, and to inspire each other to grow in an atmosphere of unity, devotion, and
power, in anticipation of His return. Our dream is to see Houses of
Prayer/Ministry Houses established throughout the nations.
Specific to Israel:
Cyrus Call seeks restoration for Israel and for her people. We desire to see Israel
reconciled with the church and the nations who have persecuted and rejected her
and to see them live in peace and unity with one another. Our heart is to see
reconciliation between Jew and Gentile, working together for the restoration of
Israel and giving assistance to Jewish people returning to Israel from the nations,
making Aliyah. We desire to establish a House of Cyrus in Israel for the purpose
of teaching Christians about supporting Israel, how to pray for Israel, how to bring
healing, reconciliation, and service to one another, and to those He is calling to
Key Scriptures that inspire our Vision:
 Ezra 1 (Cyrus Call – build a house of worship in Israel & around the world)
 Isaiah 61: 1-3 – appointed to share the good news, heal brokenhearted, proclaim
freedom, open prison doors, comfort those who mourn (in Zion), bring joy, beauty for
ashes, praise, walk in righteousness
 Book of Haggai – Rebuild the House of the Lord
 Isaiah 56:7 – “…I will bring the foreigners to My holy mountain and give them joy in My
house of prayer…. for My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.”
 Ephesians 2: 14-22– God’s heart is that Gentile and Jew be reconciled into “one new
man” and “together grow into a holy temple in the Lord.”