History of Cyrus Call Ministry

In 2008, I AM thirsty was birthed in North Vancouver BC, by Afshin Javid and Brenda Klemke as they brought together their visions from God to reach Muslim communities and to bring hope and freedom to the world.  Out of this ministry, Vancouver Christian Fellowship was started in the North Vancouver area.  I AM thirsty participated in international ministries to Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong at that time.  Afshin wrote a book, “As Easy As Drinking Water, A Muslim Forgiven,” that included his amazing salvation testimony as well as documented the beginnings of the ministry, 

Cyrus Call

In 2011, Brenda transitioned out of the ministry. Afshin’s ministry was focused on international travel to many nations for the next 5 years, including Israel from 2013 to the present.  They also took part in Conferences/training at IHOPKC, and with Watchman for the Nations Gatherings.

In 2017 after Afshin’s marriage to Elmira, Cyrus Call was born as they opened the first Cyrus House near Köln, Germany.  Tom Campbell, Gregg & Debbie-Lynn Jeske continued to partner with Afshin and Elmira in the Cyrus Call Ministry.  Paco & Claudia Mejia and Helen Karabed, and Mathias Müller also travelled frequently with Afshin.

Cyrus House

Cyrus House was established in Kerpen, Germany near Köln in 2017.  In 2020 extensive renovations were made to the 5-story ministry house.  Weekly services are held there, as well as worship and prayer nights, youth and other activities.  Various ministry leaders and refugees have made their home in the multi-apartment house.

Ministry to the Nations

Since 2011 Afshin has travelled internationally with various ministry teams to many nations to share his testimony of God’s amazing grace to a Muslim.  With a heart to bring hope, freedom and healing with the good news of Jesus Christ he and his team members have witnessed salvations, miracles, and healings in the name of Jesus worldwide. 


In 2013, God gave Afshin a vision to plant a ministry house in Israel, based on Ezra 1 where Persian King, Cyrus begins the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem.  An Ezra plaque with donated gold was taken to Israel in 2014 and presented to the Knesset in 2015 where it hangs as a monument to the reconciliation of Jew and Gentile and a vision to work together to build God’s house together in Israel.


Cyrus Call ministers to people from all nations by providing a ministry house where people can receive teaching from God’s Word, experience healing, worship, prayer, fellowship and grow in the ministry and gifts of the Holy Spirit.  We desire to see God’s Kingdom come to earth and be instrumental in creating an apostolic family who desires the return of Christ while establishing ministry houses worldwide.